The Double Breasted Jacket – my view.

11 June 2020

I also think the length from the last pair to the bottom of the jacket is just right not overly long


The image on the left exemplifies “MY” 4 sartorial details for a proper double breasted suit jacket:

(1)  Lapels just so in thickness and position.  I cannot tolerate for myself peaked lapels that extend beyond the shoulder line/pointing to the heavens and beyond.  the peak/tip as seen here should be in line an inch or so below the shoulder top to the sleeve;

(2) The buttons (of course must be configured 6-4) properly spaced, nearly at the armholes on the top pair, being just wide enough apart to hug the frame correctly (in this image it looks like the jacket has hips – gorgeous!), definitely, oh most definitely, not kissing each other – (seriously depressing!) as with the majority today;

(3). How about the slightly neglected detail…. the length of the jacket.  Note the distance between the bottom of the jacket and the bottom pair of buttons.  Note as well the distance between the bottom of the jacket and the bottom of the sleeve.  Any longer and you are wearing a short DB overcoat. 

(4)  And finally, in my view, the most stylish detail of all (please see image below for a “live” take):   the neck opening ….just a few inches below the Adam’s apple….you could swear he is hiding nothing extra underneath.  in fact, there should be a waistcoat – otherwise you are wearing underwear jacket off.  Showing the tie knot minimally and about 5 inches of tie cloth.  No more is needed.


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